About The Artist

Leigh Herndon works daily in her studio and embraces many different techniques creating wall hung pieces using rozome painting, direct dye applications, dye painting, and mixed media. In addition to creating her own works, Leigh teaches a limited number of private students.

Silk accepts dyes very brilliantly and the joy of working with color continues to fuel Leigh's experimentation and new designs, often inspired by nature, especially the sub-tropical plants that grace SW Florida. Mixing her own dyes results in custom colors that can't be easily found elsewhere. Overlaying one transparent dye color over another creates an entirely new color, which she finds exciting. The versatility of hot wax used to create the designs lends unique textures to the creations.

Leigh studied with Betsy Sterling Benjamin, the rozome artist, leading authority, and author of The World of Rozome, who had lived for several years in Japan studying under the master kimono designers. Leigh started dyeing fabrics while working on her BFA at the University of Montana. Her training included printmaking, painting, and drawing. She pursued her MFA at Southern Illinois University to study with leading fiber artist Joan Lintault, and learned direct dye painting from the late Lenore Davis. During that time her work included large dye-painted quilts which were exhibited in several national juried shows. She was also influenced by the batiks of Joseph Almyda. Descriptive of her feelings about working with dyes are "passion" and "joy."

Leigh's work has been exhibited in juried shows and 2-man shows in more than 12 states as well as the Smithsonian in Washington D.C

To see the art on display in a private gallery call:  239-262-7932